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Real health care reform should involve:

1. Stopping the restriction on Americans from buying health care insurance or assurance from outside their state

2. Protecting American’s right to buy health care insurance or assurance as individuals

3. Protecting Americans’ right to buy insurance as they see fit, including only catastrophic care

4. Requiring direct payment by patients with costs fully disclosed by providers and rebates to the insured for getting better prices

5. Removal of all money spent on health care from consideration as earned income for the purpose of determining tax rates

6. Creation of a national health exchange via the states (not via the feds- throush a compact) for pre-existing conditions coverage for people who were below 150% of the poverty rate or who, regardless of income, lost coverage

7. Prohibition against dropping the insured after they have been disagnosed with an illness

8. Special protection for mutual assurance alternatives via fraternal societies or buyer’s cooperatives

These are just my initial thoughts.

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