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Adriano Espaillat is alleging that Charlie Rangel’s primary win in New York’s 13th Congressional District may in fact be based on fraud and voter suppression.

Espaillat trails the 42 year veteran Congressman by 2.6% according to vote tallies but Espaillat’s campaign is demanding both a recount and a Federal investigation into their allegations of voter suppression.

According to report, numerous Hispanic voters were given provisional paper ballots instead of being allowed to vote in the normal manner and, it is alleged, those ballots were not actually counted.

While some consider these accusations to be sour grapes by the losing side, others take the allegations seriously as, regardless of their merit, failure to address them could undermine public confidence in the electoral process.

Espaillat also alleges that his campaign was not given an adaquet opportunity to monitor the vote counts and is demanding that, during a recount (which they are demanding) there will be adaquet monitors from both campaigns.

While less than 1.000 votes separate the two men and while Espaillat had conceded the race, at least 6% of the vote has yet to be counted.

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