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W J Weidenhoff IV- The United States of America is seeking to impose a preconceived and pro-Salafist version of democracy in Egypt whereby elected officials who violate their oath of office and begin to dismantle the “democracy” that got them elected are immune from consequences of removal, even after a general mass uprising of the People.

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In nation after nation, from Tunisia to Libya and Egypt, US foreign policy has favored Salafists, regardless of how they win power, while ignoring or resisting anti-Salafist efforts of governments and the People, as with the uprising against the Salafist regime in Iran and by the Egyptian People against the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical, despotic Salafist organization.

Ignoring the massive abuses, especially the genocidal preparations against Christians and Jews, by the Muslim Brotherhood while in power, and by their supporters now, the United States has quite literally transformed itself these past 5 years into an ally of Salafism, that purely progressive ideological form of Islam that seeks an all-powerful state run by the elites to remake man himself into their idealistic image.

America is becoming synonymous with Salafist tyranny, as long as it maintains a patina of democracy, despite ignoring the pro-democracy forces in Iran for so long.

Nobody can explain this policy in terms of ideals regarding freedom, America’s best interest, or even the sentiment of the People. The pro-Salafist policy of the current American Administration is inexplicable and alarming, as many American allies are facing a Salafist threat and, should that threat emerge, they can be sure the current President will likely throw his weight behind the Salafist, no matter what atrocities they commit, or at least that is the fear.

That is the reason why Egypt is considering changing alliances to Russia and the Gulf States. The Gulf States, and Saudi Arabia, are now pledging more aid than the US is threatening to withdraw in its support for the Salafist forces in Egypt. The Egyptian military are considering such a move as being a US “client” is rendering their country an easy prey to the forces of radical, totalitarian Salafism, which only maintains a patina of being about “democracy”.

As Egypt goes, so might the whole region, as Arab and Muslim nations see an alliance with the US as being prone to favor the forces of Salafism over every other consideration.

It is not official, but in substance the US policy is now to support Salafism, even at the expense of long-term allies, and even when those forces commit atrocities and other abuses which amount to crimes against humanity. For that reason, and unless it changes, the US is likely, according to analysts in the region, to lose Egypt as an ally.

This could begin a domino effect and even cause the now precarious alliance with Israel to falter, leading to what some fear as a general war. The fear being that Israel, “freed” of the constraining hand of Washington, will take a far more bellicose stance regarding Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem and either impose actual apartheid of wage war on the Arab occupiers of those lands who, far from having a Palestinian State, might be transformed once again into refugees.

America’s pro-Salafist policies are rupturing long-held alliances and this could lead to a general destablization in the region as concerned intelligence experts consider how deeply and how broadly both Arab governments and the Arab street are coming to loath this policy and associate America no longer as an ally, but as a threat.