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Politicians Urge Military To Recruit DREAMers

POLITICS- William Raymond Collier Jr-  Politicians are now urging the military to recruit DREAMers, children of illegal immigrants who were brought here and who know only America as their country.

Alina Cortes

From the Press Release by Congressmen Bill Foster:
Representatives Bill Foster, Jared Polis, and Juan Vargas introduced a House resolution calling on the Department of Defense to allow DREAMers to serve in the military……
“There are many smart, capable young men and women who want nothing more than to serve the only country they have ever known,” said Foster. “Allowing DREAMers to serve in our military is just one small fix we can make to our broken immigration system, but it’s a fix that will give hope and opportunity to thousands of DREAMers while strengthening our military.”
“For many young people brought to the United States before adulthood, America is the only place they’ve known as home,” said Congressman Polis. “I hope the Department of Defense seizes this opportunity to enlist interested Deferred Action individuals in all branches of our military and allow them to help keep our nation, and their home, safe.”
…..With the support of congressional leaders, like Rep. Foster, DREAMers around the country hope the Department of Defense updates their policies in August to allow us to serve in uniform,” said Cesar Vargas.Background: In 2012, the President introduced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to allow certain undocumented individuals who were brought to the United States as children, so-called DREAMers, to be provided temporary relief from deportation and be given the ability to work here legally. DACA beneficiaries have already undergone background checks and finished high school or received a GED equivalent.
Unfortunately, the DACA program does not currently allow these youth to join the U.S. Armed Forces. However, such a change could be made through executive action.  

Opponents disagree that a change could be made by executive action. In fact, the House is in the process of executing a lawsuit against the President over these executive action. There is also concern that such people might not be loyal to the US Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights.

Some veterans who have served with “foreigners” have argue that often these people, who must study the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, are often “the most patriotic” and tend to take their oath rather seriously. However. this has not been tested with children of illegals who may not share such sentiments.

One possible rejoinder might be to require such persons to undergo a short (two week) course detailing the history of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and requiring them to pledge allegiance to upholding both as a condition of their enlistment.

Thus far, however, the only position being taken by opponents is a flat no. They argue that this sets a dangerous precedent and results in recruiting people into our military whose loyalty to the Constitution and Bill of Rights is suspect, and that is could result in a dilution of our military by individuals who would not adequately represent our Constitutional values.

There are others, some of whom might traditionally oppose this action, who argue that embracing this move might actually create Constitutionally-centered new citizens who would be leaders of families that would more rapidly assimilate with American values and culture.

Under this scenario, they argue, the attempt to legalize ‘like-minded’ citizens for political ends might backfire, as those who come to embrace constitutional values would not embrace the values reflected by the current political party now courting this group.

We should note that the Democratic Party would not characterize itself as being opposed to Constitutional values, but political opponents of the Democratic Party do characterize them in this manner.