The Freedomist Commonwealth of America

A Political Sim and Activist Mobilization Community

We are looking to recruit members of a new type of web activist community with a virtual to local approach that will fundamentally change how we influence and control our elected officials in the cause of freedom. But first we have to build a new kind of network and activist community that has the structure to find and promote issues and priorities that come from real people, instead of being imposed or promulgated from the top.

The vision of this virtual community is to ensure that Local, State and Federal officials are not only held accountable for their adherence to the Bill of Rights especially, but that our network can expose their activities far and wide and generate action in the form of donations and votes on the ground which they cannot ignore if they want to stay in office.

When it is completed, the FCA will have virtual citizens organized into local Town Meeting groups and smaller Caucuses which are capable of compelling local officials to actually fulfill their oath of office. This may seem impossible now, but as these Town Meetings are connected to a vast network of such groups all across the country, they will reach a size and level of influence that cannot be ignored.

Imagine, in your Township of 18,000 people, your Town Meeting group, made up of virtual citizens of the FCA who have taken the Freedomist Oath, has 250 members. Working together, they could generate 1,000 phone calls and/or emails to LOCAL officials demanding some sort of specific action. Do you think those Township officials can afford to have 1,000 potential voters, and everyone they might influence, working to remove them from office?

We have to think differently about activism, and we have to discard the old model where a few wealthy donors bankroll a big central organization that uses the money to pay its staff really well and collect names through petitions, and which decides what issues YOU, the lowly activist member, will be mobilized around. We have to create an infrastructure for people=powered action that ultimately sets priorities for action based on what YOU, the activist member, want to mobilize around.

But we are going to have to do this ourselves. Bog money is never going to support an effort that LITERALLY puts the power in your hands- the power to choose what is a priority and the power to develop the strategy and tactics that will be used. What we are trying to create is that infrastructure for your activist goals and priorities.

The Freedomist Commonwealth of America will be classified as a Micronation, a private web-based, virtual to local, community that models its own political system, based on our Constitution, and that provides a way for people to hold their local, state, and federal officials truly accountable in a very powerful way that cannot be ignored.

To begin we are going to have to start from the center and emerge outward, growing through organic cellular division. In other words, Committees centered on the top Federal offices subdivide into Committees that track State offices, and these subdivide into Committees that become local Caucuses which then link together to form Town Meetings, State Congresses, and the National Freedomist Congress.

For now, the virtual community will be a private platform operated by its owners. My hope is that it can evolve into a fraternal society with an activist arm but that promotes mutual self-reliance among members through the provision of various fraternal benefits and services. Authority will flow from the street level to the national level and will originate with you, responsibility will flow from the national level to the street level on among all members through mutuality.

The early task is to produce content and marketing which grows the core group of founding members and begins to establish a national support structure through which state and local groups will emerge until, eventually, the leaders and priorities are controlled from the street level, upwards. This will produce a people-powered activist and mutual self-reliance community which can act locally, at the state level, and at the national level in defense of our rights as a free people.

So, the first thing we are going to do is recruit a team of founders who will help develop the website, using BuddyPress as our platform, and produce content that will draw in thousands of daily visitors. We will pay for costs through ads on the site. This team, of 10-30 core members, will then recruit and vet SIM Officials who can lead Committees that focus on a particular official or agency at the Federal level,

We will also recruit 29 regional Senior Delegates who oversee 15 US Congressional Districts as well as any assigned Governors and Senators. These groups will grow until the Senators and Governors as well as all 15 Representatives are covered by a SIM Official and a 5-10 member Committee of Correspondence. State leadership teams will consist of all the members in that State and will be led by the SIM Governor and two SIM Senators.

And so it will go, as these Committees grow at the State level they will create SIM Officials and Committees for State Offices and for each County. Eventually, local Town Meetings which cover Townships, Municipalities, or Counties (depending on the population) and made up of smaller Caucuses which focus on a number of local officials and agencies will emerge.

As this happens, provisional SIM officials will have to face election by the members, and Town Meetings and State Caucuses will set priorities through a Town Meeting system which includes all members in good standing.

Why build the national structure first? The answer is twofold- we have many advantages in terms of marketing and recruiting if we begin with a national group of people who really only meet online and, with a national structure, we can support local efforts and give them a platform that they could not build on their own and which lends massive credibility to their effort among potential recruits. A small core of 10-30 people could have a massive impact online if they work with daily discipline- they could generate content and marketing material that draws in multiple tens of thousands of people every day, and from these people they can recruit and organize dozens of people to form the national leadership team.

The net effect is that within a short time, once the first 100-300 members are active, this effort will likely have a strong presence in the hundreds of active members in over 2/3rds of all US Congressional Districts and some presence in them all. In terms of phone calls and emails, this network could easily generate millions of contacts with federal officials on short notice, or even massive rallies or protests with regional groups acting as organizers.

We have to build a virtual-to-local political army that can either deliver or take away potential donations and votes from elected officials and that can broadcast its message, over the opposition media’s monopoly, to tens of millions of people every day. Such an organization may have only 3-10 million members, with a core of 300,000 to 500,000 being the most active, but it could reach over 90% of the total US population on an issue or during any election cycle and influence as many as 70 million votes.

The big donors and the mega-organizations are not going to help us. That is a fact. We have to do this ourselves. If we do not do this ourselves, we will not be able to see this kind of thing happen, and nothing will ever change. We have to build something that the “powers that be” in BOTH major parties cannot control, and that doesn’t need their money or favors to advance its freedom agenda.

Right now, this is an idea. I am looking to recruit leaders and builders who have the talent and work ethic to make this become a reality.

What will they do?

We have to build a simple blog site and forum on a BuddyPress platform at We have to produce daily content and then use our own social media accounts to promote it and urge people to go and read it. We do have access and control over a 107,000 member pro-Trump page, and I expect some of the leaders will have pages too.

As we get visitors, we have to recruit them. Each leader will form a group of these new members and engage them via Skype, FB Messenger, the phone, or some other means that allows for voice and video interaction. People have to connect to real people and meet at least weekly to form the kind of bonds needed to generate trust and comradeship.

These recruited members will be the first provisional SIM Officials, and they will help recruit 5-10 people each, preferably from their own friends, to serve with them and follow an official or agency. This will also produce more content as these Committees and SIM Officials write reports and wrote their own positions and opinions. This means more people will be drawn to join these Committees, which will subdivide to appoint new SIM Officials and start new Committees all the wat until the local level has members.

At the local level, groups will meet in person, even if just for coffee or a meal, to form real-life connections and friendships. Being able to mutually support one another in real life is vital to this effort. From these groups a national fraternal society, open to men and women who take and abide by The Freedomist Oath, will emerge.

We can take our country back from the corporations, the politicians, the opposition media, the academic frauds, and the globalist elites who control them all. But we have to take a very different approach.

Our issue and unifying call is that the spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights is NOT honored or respected. Every day it is violated, every day it is smeared, and every day people suffer loss because of these violations. Beyond documenting these violations, which we will do, we need to start the fightback for freedom. We have to make an offer that elected officials cannot refuse, by being able to give or withhold donations and votes on such a scale that determines election outcomes.

Most Americans are not fired up about the ongoing violations of the Bill of Rights. It is esoteric to them. We aim to make it real, to reach the masses with clear proof of the injustice and to be there with a real solution, which is for citizens to form their own Town Meetings and Congresses that will transform elected officials into delegates of the people who MIST obey or face losing their job.


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