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DICLOSE ACT Assault on Your Freedom of Speech Tabled FOR NOW
The onerous DISCLOSE ACT is designed to throttle voices in opposition to the radical extreme left’s agenda, giving advantages to leftist unions and other special interests, while the FCC is laying the groundwork for controlling the internet, Senator Leiberman wants to give the present American President totalitarian control over the internet, and the FCC and others continue to push to silence talk radio and cable news.
The DISCLOSE ACT would place a burden on Americans trying to advocate for their views that would make it almost impossible for any save the most well-heeled leftist groups and their media allies to cover the airwaves with their propaganda and it would expose private information about Americans who would face intimidation and threats, as is the case in California where, what some derisively refer to as “the sodomy lobby”, regularly uses violence against people who sign petitions against so-called “marriage” for same-sex “partners.”
This is a four-part assault on freedom of speech.
Part one: getting access to private information to both intimidate Americans and make it hard to operate any sort of political advocacy entity.
Part two: giving the FCC power to control the content of the internet under the guise of fair use or equality of distribution.
Part three: giving the present American Administration totalitarian control over the internet “in an emergency” (which the present American Administration could declare all on its own).
Part four: using something like the “fairness doctrine” or “localism” or “minority access” to silence, once and for all, talk radio and cable news.
Part one of this attack, which is what the DISCLOSE ACT is all about, is temporarily “tabled”, as is reported by Politico.
Nancy Pelosi yanks campaign finance bill
From the article: Democratic lawmakers were largely tight-lipped leaving Pelosi’s office late Thursday afternoon, although it was clear that momentum was clearly building against a Friday vote.

By early evening, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s (D-Md.) office formally announced that the vote had been cancelled.

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