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In many ways, you are either the PRODUCT or you buy the product. If you buy the product. you are in control and you must be respected. If you are the product, well, then you’re just a commodity to be used for the profit of others who don’t respect you.

Publisher, Bill Collier, goes into the lion’s den to confront MSNBCA. We need this kind of fearless leadership to promote freedom and defeat the freedom takers.

JOIN US and support our content and our agenda. Beyond producing good content, we have a three-part plan to save as much of America as possible, and hopefully all of America.

As your Publisher, I have been engaged in the fight for freedom since 1987 when I became a sailor and the bane of Soviet submariners and as I have continued to expose, confront, and defeat freedom takers through journalism, professional political consultation and digital marketing services, research, and mobilizing activists. Our plan to save as much of America as possible is rooted in PROVEN, successful approaches, but we need your support!

The plan is focused on investing in people, as writers, investigators, and civic activist organizers. We want to promote and create Bill of Rights Sanctuaries in 1500 or more US Counties, to establish or help people establish a local people-powered free press in over 1000 communities around the country, and to build a freedomist movement so that we have at least 1000 activists in every single US Congressional District.

Subscribe and support us and we will continue to produce more and more great, original, and unique content that will inform and inspire you. Beyond this, we will build a Freedomist movement, focusing on things like the Bill of Rights Sanctuaries, that will save as much of America as possible, if not all of America, from the freedom-takers.

Thanks to all who step up!

Bill Collier
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