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Phil Kerpen v Progressive Ideologues- 5 not enough to handle conservative commmon sense reasoning

Phil Kerpen, Center for American Progress, Astroturfing, Election 2010, Obamacare, Politics 

Stunning video of Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperty facing off against 5 leftists of Center for American Progress.  Watch Phil Kerpen school these progressive propagandists, using their own tactics in ways that befuddle and confuse them.  Phil Kerpen puts to bed the whole myth of atroturfing while clearly demonstrating that all the folks in the panel are part of the paid corporate culture pushing the progressive, government-run agenda to socially engineer our lives for their own commercial and ideological aims. 

This is what NBC really must have meant when they said “must see tv”- must see- Phil Kerpen crushes progressive lap dogs.  If he is not your new hero after this, then you might already be a progressive.

The great line you must wait for, about midway through, is when Phil Kerpen says to Taki Oldham, the maker of the film “Astroturf (wars)”, is “you just refuted your entire film”- brilliant!