Pan-Islamists don't burn Bibles, they let the US Army do that, they burn OTHER things...

NO this is not a joke, the US Army is burning THOUSANDS of Christian Bibles IN THE TRASH in Afghanistan which were sent by missionaries or other private citizens to US troops and which are in the local languages.

The US Army believes, according to reports, that the Bibles might be used to convert Muslims, which would “enrage the Muslims” who are also “enraged” that a US pastor is holding a Koran burning at his church on 911.

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No word yet on whether Obama, who is “angry” over the Koran burning in the US, which is meant to protest Muslim extremism and violence, is angered over burning the Holy Book of his (alleged) faith by the US Army while they are deployed in a dangerous war zone to protect the same Muslims who neither allow Bibles in their nation nor allow Christian converts from their nation to LIVE.