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The Corporation for Public Broadcasting receives half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding. More and more conservatives, and Republicans, are wanting to end that public subsidy. But WHY?

Allegedly, the de-funders say, we just can’t afford to fund PBS any more with a massive deficit and debt of $16 TRILLION. But PBS’s annual take of half a billion in taxpayers funds is, compared to the total Federal budget, paltry.

What PBS does do, or CAN do, is support culturally important but not commercially viable entertainment and, yes, educational alternatives to commercial, for-profit media. It is simply not true that “the free market” can provide for everything we need and value all the time.

While the de-funders might cite the economic situation or tout the “superiority” of the free market, this cannot truly be the reason why PBS is under such a wanton assault on its public funding. Big Bird, for instance, might NEVER have come to exist without public funding, and yet nobody, left or right, has anything bad to say about the tall icon of most everyone’s childhood.

The free market, at the time of Big Bird’s birth, was not willing to invest in such programming because it wasn’t profitable. This may sound like heresy to the right, but there are in fact some things that “government” has done that are far superior to what the free market has produced.

Consider NASA- there are thousands of new inventions and technological innovations that could ONLY have come when they did because of this “government program.” It is reactionary to say either that government always knows best or that, sometimes, public funding is not actually the better, wiser choice.

PBS, however, is wrong if they think that this is just about the tight economy or the argument over the role of the free market versus the role of government. The problem for PBS is actually ideological, or, to put it bluntly, their clear ideological bias.

PBS wants to take PUBLIC money from ALL Americans while representing the views of less than HALF of all Americans and daily attacking the views and values of the majority of Americans. They are so heavily biased that they’re nothing more than a propaganda arm of the progressive elites who now run the Public Broadcasting Corporation.

Americans who want to pull funding for PBS don’t hate Big Bird, they aren’t even against the tall, yellow icon, but when they see they’re beliefs trashed and only ONE point of view ALLOWED, they have to ask: why am I paying for this propaganda  that is being directed AGAINST me?

No fair minded person would propose that PBS is anything but the mouthpiece for the left, much of its programming, especially its news, being so bad that it should be classified as political advertising, but political advertising paid for by ALL Americans, not just those who agree with its views.

The real reason why PBS SHOULD lose its funding is not because the budget is super tight or because there isn’t a valid reason for public broadcasting that is publicly funded, the real reason why PBS SHOULD lose its funding is that PBS only serves those Americans who agree with its progressive, often radical, views.

The public should be asked to fund public broadcasting, not partisan broadcasting!