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Paul Gordon Collier began his publishing career in 1990, with the college poetry magazine which he co-founded, The Green Herring  He has since published the Poetry Journal, Logodaedalus, self-published a novel, Peter the Lucid, a book-length poem, Dance at the Closed Door, and numerous local newspapers, including the ongoing Tioga Freedomist, which he co-founded.

In 2003 He published the online weekly magazine, Freedom Through Autonomous Living.  He has been publishing and marketing online for over 10 years.

In 2008, he was one of the principles of the #dontgo movement, the precursor to the 2009 Teaparty movement.

Currently, he is the Co-editor of The Freedomist. the Media Director of The Tioga Freedomist, the Web Marketing/Social Media Project Manager for Kross Publishing and the content manager for the Freedomist Network, which includes ,, and

Paul Gordon Collier defines his core driver as being to learn, live, witness, teach, and expand the Kingdom of God.  In his capacity as a Christ Follower serving in the natural (to believer and non-believer alike) he measures his responsibilities and limits against the standards of Godly service in the natural and the principle of individual liberty as represented in the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights.


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