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Paul Gordon CollierI come to you today to repent for my sins, to ask you, my audience, to forgive me for cutting holes in walls.  I know, already, the Lord has forgiven me and my sin is already forgotten by Him, but I seek your forgiveness, as my audience, whether you have been with me or against me.  I seek to be a man who no longer cuts through walls, not even here, in my special ministry call, to witness the truth of the Lord through the news.  I seek to be like Joshua, and trust in God when he calls me to walk around the walls, to let God break down the walls in His time and His way.

I have been writing for years on the daily events of the world, from the persecution of Christians to the attack on Christ and his Way by the godless ideals of progressivism.  In these writings, I have been swept up at various times in anger.  I have relied on human tactics to help spread a narrative or invalidate one.  These writings are available to all to see, and I will keep them posted so all can see the journey I have taken in my pursuit of being less Paul and more Christ.

I have sought, be it ever so imperfectly, to witness the Truth of Christ and, in my human understanding, to be a good, responsible citizen fighting to have my governments (local, state, federal, etc) reflect the Godly values of Christ’s Freedom.  I sought to validate my beliefs, at times, on the Constitution and the founding principles of this nation, but now I seek to validate my beliefs in God’s Word alone, realizing that God is bigger than Constitutions, whether they intended to reflect his Godly truths of Freedom or not.

In this fight, I have sometimes taken, unwittingly, a ‘by any means necessary’ approach to fighting for what I perceived to be truth and the Freedom this nation was founded upon.

I have many ministerial calls on my life, of which one continues to be to witness Christ’s Freedom and Truth through the daily events of this world.  I still seek to do the work I know God has called me to do, to witness His truth, to reflect His life in my own life, through how I deliver the news, in this case.

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