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Paul Gordon Collier

paris synagogue


France’s Bastille Day had a different kind of protest occur Sunday at Bastille Square in Paris that harbored memories of the rise of the Nazis.  Thousands of protesters stormed Bastille Square in support of the Palestinians and in opposition to the Israelis in the current escalation occurring at the Gaza strip.

The protesters first clashed with police, hurling rocks and other objects  at the police even as they were being hit with tear gas.  The protests continued from the day to the night as the protesters then marched on a Jewish Synagogue where Jews were taking shelter from the violence.

The protesters then surrounded the Synagogue and began to assault the synagogue with rocks and bricks, shouting racial epithets at the Jews inside.  From rock-throwing to siege action, the protesters shifted their action to attempting to storm the Synagogue in an effort to get to the hundreds of Jews huddled inside.

Eventually, police were dispatched to rescue the besieged Jews in the synagogue.   During the ensuing battle to extricate the Jews from the Antisemitic mob, 6 officers and two Jews were injured.   The makeup of the protesters included French and Immigrant Muslims.

A second Jewish synagogue was also reported attacked.  A total of 6 protesters have been arrested.