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The Democrats have an image problem with Obamacare coming from their own strongholds, those staunchly democratic states where no republican opposition or obstruction can be cited as evidence of the leviathan law not working.

In one strongly blue state, Maryland, where the democrats control the legislature and the governors office, the Obamacare rollout has had some unintended disastrous effects.  Bear in mind, for the democrats, this is a state that signed up for everything it was instructed to sign up for, including the Medicare expansion and creating its own healthcare exchange.

Legal Insurrection covers in more detail what’s going wrong in Maryland that is damaging the democratic narrative of GOP failure leading to Obamacare failure:

obamacare blue state problem

HotAir recently reported on one such case in Maryland.

The situation is bad enough that this essentially one-party state has devolved into a fight over whether they should abandon their $100 million dysfunctional site for the federal site, and Democrats running for governor are whacking each other with its failure.

The Washington Post also reported on the clear failure,

Maryland was one of 14 states that chose to build their own health-insurance marketplaces to implement President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which politicians and residents in the state strongly support. Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) boasted that the marketplace and the Web site Marylanders would use to access it would be among the best in the country.

But the site failed within minutes of its Oct. 1 launch, blocking residents who were trying to get health insurance. The system has limped along since then. Ultimately, state officials say, they may have to rely at least partially on the federal health-care Web site or on sites operated by other states.


As of Monday, Maryland had paid Noridian $67.9 million for its work and had unpaid invoices totaling $12.9 million, state health officials said.

The problems going on in Maryland are a microcosm of the issues we all saw with the rollout of the federal healthcare exchange,

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