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Bill Collier– Color me dumbstruck, but our self-absorbed head of state has somehow decided that he has a right to everything, even your wedding gifts. Talk about a fauxe pas! It’s like asking a girl on a date at a funeral, not strictly illegal, but major creepy! Desparate for money, apparently (there HAS to be a reason for such, well, creepiness), the campaign of FORWARD! (Hope And Change have hopelessly changed to this old-line socialist slogan) has begun asking its most fanatical followers to ask the people coming to their wedding to forego the gifts they might need to get started in life and give money to Obama instead. This demeaning of the nuptials shouldn’t surprise anyone, Obama has already sold out on the kind of marriage human civilization has embraced for over 6,000 years to include guys with guys, girls with girls, and, who knows, multiples with multiples…people with furniture! So that’s the deal, laid bare like a man who mistakenly tries to get a shower in the girl’s locker room…Obama wants our ALL, and it’s just creepy!

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More Obama 2012 Marketing Ideas sure to win:

1.  When a loved one dies, tell their friends and family to donate to the Obama 2012 Rememberence Fund- A Socialist Presidency lasts far longer than Roses!

2. Obama 2012 Organ Auction-  Don’t just put yourself down as an organ donor on your drivers licence when you can save a life and a President!  Sign up for the Obama 2012 Organ Auction Fund and your organs will be sold on the black market, with proceeds to go to the re-election of your

3.  Ride with Obama in 2012- Is your child graduating from high school and you promised them a new car?  Well, why send your child off with wheels when they can RIDE WITH OBAMA in 2012!  The new ride with Obama fund allows your child to actually see a live feed of President Obama or one of his campaign workers actually using your child’s money to fill up the tank of one of President Obama’s buses as he tours the country demanding…er….asking for votes.  It will be like your child is riding along with the King himself!  Now won’t that memory last longer than a silly new car for graduation?

4.  Obama 2012 Food Drive-  You spend hundreds of dollars a week buying food that is just going to leave your body soon anyway and take up toxic space on the planet.  Why eat when you can contribute your grocery dollars to the Obama 2012 Food Drive, where we are making the Food that will feed America, food that will fundamentally transform us from fat, free pigs to thin, worry-free Obama workers!

5.  Obama Family 2012-  Getting ready for your family from around the country to buy plane tickets, bus tickets, train tickets to go to your annual family reunion?  Why spend all that money building memories with your family when you can build security with the Obama Family?  Tell your family to spend the money they WOULD have spent travelling to your family reunion on the Obama Family.  After all, isn’t an Obama Presidency worth more than spending time with your family?