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Obama To Stump In Colorado?-  William Raymond Collier

In a stunning display of hubris and political synicism President Obama is likely to show up in Colarado tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

During his appearance, The Freedomist has learned, Obama plans to talk about how the GOP is “distracting” America from “real problems” like the fires in Colorado with their “endless investigation” into Fast and Furious.

If the Supreme Court rules goes against him, Obama will also denounce Republican efforts to “cut programs” like “the kind of programs that fund emergency services.”

Obama will not name the GOP and will attempt to include these remarks as obliquely as possible so that his media allies can provide cover and accuse those who see the partisan tone of “nitpicking.”

“The whole thing”, according to what we have learned, “is designed to make it look and feel like it is objectively true that the GOP and their Supreme Court appointees are being unreasonable and partisan….to make the GOP look ‘unfair’ to independent voters especially.”

The effort is being rushed and officials are scrambling to get security arrangements in place because of the short notice.