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A little-known story appearing in some high-level esoteric intelligence news sites could spell serious trouble for the already embattled President, Barack Obama.  Recent news stories uncovered a US-Israel collaboration that produced what is being billed as the world’s deadliest computer virus, The Flame, which was developed to undermine Iran’s nuclear program.

Reports are now following that hint at  a possiblity that this story was leaked by the Obama administration, presumably in an effort to woo the waning Jewish vote for this upcoming election cycle.  Jewish leaders are abandoning Barack Obama for constistently undermining Israeli security and placating Islamo-fascist militants against Israel.

This move is seen as Obama’s attempt to show the Jewish community that he really is fighting for them- “see, I did this!”  Not only did he single-handedly kill Osama Bin Laden, but he single-handedly designed THE FLAME to protect the love of his life, dear Israel.

The problem with this, if this is true, is it is actually a criminal offense, one that will endanger future U.S efforts to work with Israel, or any other country for that matter, on covert military computer intelligence programs.  To put this another way, it is an act of treason that could not only get Obama impeached, it could land him in jail-

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