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Editorial on the Obama Agenda as it has played out so far from THE FREEDOMIST STAFF


When you vote for ANYONE, whatever their view, who is a Democrat you support a party machine that has, as its greatest accomplishment, Barack Obama, a man who is obsessed with his extreme leftist program for a socialist, one party state.

Have you had enough already? Here are a FEW of the things Barack Obama has done that are offensive to the sentiments of the People, our American way of life, and the values upon which this nation was founded:

HARVESTING HUMANS- Reversed restrictions on conceiving human being in embryo for the Mengelian purpose of experimentation and allegedly “curing” diseases amongst humans who were lucky enough not to have been conceived solely for harvesting their DNA

POLLUTING THE GULF OF MEXICO- Through feet-dragging and hamstringing both local officals and BP, this present administration allowed what could have been a minor problem become a major disaster, all for political gain, preventing local officials from deploying counter-measures for over 40 days and demanding that BP take actions which BP’s engineers did not think would work

PROMOTED A BOYCOTT OF A STATE- while not overtly calling for a boycott of Arizona, Obama professed to be neutral in a case where official governments are boycotting Arizona over a political disagreement, which violates the commerce clause, designed to ensure that no state uses economic blackmail to interfere with the internal affairs of other states

ROBBING OUR CHILDREN- has created almost $20,000 of debt for every man, woman, and child in America with profligate spending designed to prop up his one-party regime and gain political advantage

PLANET WORSHIP AT YOUR EXPENSE- in pursuit of planet worship, under the guise of “fear of global climate change”, is seeking to enact policies that would tragically lower your quality of life through artificially high energy prices and extreme taxation coupled with deliberately halting energy exploration and harvesting of known energy resources, including coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy

BETRAYING THE JEWISH PEOPLE- Is deliberately aiding and abetting Pan-Islamic regimes, including Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and Turkey, in their bid to use Arab occupiers of Israel’s ancient homeland as a pretext to dismantle Israel and create a Christian-free and Jew-Free Middle East

ENDING FREE SPEECH- is pushing for an illegal bill that would violate the latest Supreme Court Ruling against using so-called “campaign finance” rules to silence free speech and now wants to disclose the PRIVATE information of Americans, making them vulnerable to harassment, for supporting their political views while giving Unions,, which are international neo-Marxist organizations, a free pass (they can get all the money they want and do all the avdertising they want without restriction)

SILENCING MORAL VIRTUE- Through the Fair Pay Act, created a law that makes it easier for homosexuals to impose their perverted lifestyle choices in the workplace, and makes speaking against such immorality subject to discrimination in the name of tolerance

BETRAYING CHRISTIANITY- Told the Pan-Islamic regime of Turkey, in a speech in occupied Constantinople (Istanbul) that America is NOT a Christian Nation but JUST a “nation of citizens”, as if the President has the moral authority to speak for a nation of 300 million people, of whom 80% or more self-identify as Christian

PROTECTING CORRUPTION- Protected the corruption of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack and put the American people on the hook to bail these government run ponzi schemes out time after time without any accountability Used the cover of caring for our children

USING OUR CHILDREN- Expanded government’s net control over health care via SCHIP and by mandating that adults up to 26 years of age be covered by their parent’s insurance instead of having to care for themselves

DEATH PANELS- Under the guise of training health care professionals, created death panels that, even now, are questioning a person’s access to health care on the basis of their net “value” to society based on their age and health

CORRUPTING OUR CHILDREN- Increased subsidization levels, at taxpayer expense, for the “National Education Association”, a radical left-wing political organization that has gained a stranglehold over our schools and that actively promotes the daily corruption of our youth at taxpayer expense

BETRAYING AMERICA- Told the Pan-Islamic movement, in a speech in Cairo Egypt, that they were right and that America is wrong and apologized for America’s actions which were absolutely justified all in the name of “reaching out” to a movement of peoples that is pursuing a Christian-free and Jew-free Middle East Took over GM and appointed a so-called “car czar” who, later, was revealed to be involved in fraudulent activities, although his tenure as “car czar” has not been investigated

SOCIALIZING MEDICINE- Enacted a health care bill, in the teeth of 60% opposition by the public, that is itself such a serious threat to the integrity of our Constitution as to rise to the level of an impeachable offense for the violation of the oath of office all who voted for it have committed

BULLYING OPPONENTS- DAILY tells gross lies that are intended to criminalize and marginalize the opponents of left-wing extremism and the attempt to remake America in a centralized, one party, socialist state with few real safeguards for the rights, persons, and property of the People

SUPPORTING PAN-ISLAMIC REGIMES- Turned his back on Iraq, which is slowly coming unglued, and when the pan-Islamic regime in Iran cracked down on its People, was silent and thereby complicit in their suppression

RULE BY CZARS AND NOT THE PEOPLE- Has made more appointments of “czars” that are involved with attempts to micromanage Americans in their daily lives than ever in US history, equal only to the harassment of Americans by British tax collectors prior to the Revolution

NEO-MARXISTS APPOINTED- Appointed people, like his green jobs czar, the internet czar, and the science czar who are known neo-Marxists, the science czar being a man who thinks the US should purposefully turn back the clock on technological progress and our way of life to get back to nature, not unlike the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia


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