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Obama’s American Nurses Association Endorsement belies groups militant leftist ties

Barack Hussein Obama went before the American people this morning and received, for the second time, an endorsement of his plan from the American Nurses Association, a far-left militant group that has advocated for marijuana legalization, abortion on demand, and fetal tissue stem cell research, among the less offensive positions this group represents.

In this article, the American Nurses Association lobbies for Al Gore/Lieberman ticket in 2000.

Here is a statement from the ANA in which they directly recognize Progressive prominence in the forming of this healthcare bill:

“ANA looks forward to working with Chairman Baucus, Ranking member

Grassley, the Senate Finance Committee, and other progressive voices seeking

comprehensive health reform, in order to assure that the promise of universal coverage is

fulfilled through accessible, high-quality, affordable health care for all.”

In 2001, Massachusetts nurses abandoned the ANA because they were..not progressive enough…“”It is clear from this vote that the MNA membership does not feel ANA advocates for the interest of nurses on the frontlines of health care. Rather its leadership is weighted toward the industry and as a result the profession and our patients have suffered. The ANA’s silence of action on the issues of importance has been deafening—MNA nurses as strong advocates for their patients and their profession are unwilling to be co-opted by the industry through the ANA. And so they will move in a direction consistent with their values and with the public trust bestowed on them, they will advocate for the patients aggressively at the bedside and external venues be it political, legislative or public relations—and they will join with other progressive nurses to fill the void that exists.”

The ANA started a national nurse’s union in 2000:

We are the United American Nurses, AFL-CIO (UAN) — the only national nurses union by and for RNs. We are thousands of direct care nurses, active from coast to coast, in affiliated state nurses associations across the country.

UAN held its first National Labor Assembly annual meeting—made up entirely of staff nurse delegates—in 2000. There, delegates elected the first UAN Executive Council officers and launched a year-long public awareness campaign on the nurse staffing crisis, vaulting the issue to national attention.

UAN brought the voice of registered nurses to the AFL-CIO as a chartered affiliate of the Federation in 2001. UAN President Ann Converso, RN, serves on the AFL-CIO Executive Council—the only nurse on the Council.

Here is the UAN president in 2008- aggressively campaigning for Barack Obama:

The AFSCME nurses’ union, United Nurses of America, (UNA) has 60,000 members, both RNs and LPNs. In America today there are approximately 2.9 million RNs. There were over 730,000 LPNs in America in 2008.  Therefore, UNA represents 1.6 percent of America’s licensed nurses. The UNA is the Obama administration’s favorite nursing go-to group for healthcare reform cover. And they’re quite the resource when crafting those oh-so-important media images of nursing support for socialized medicine.

More from the article…..

Guess who’s featured on the Partner Organizations list? That’s right — ACORN!

At the AFSCME Health Care web page is a link to Health Care for America NOW! a “grassroots” organization. Among their goals:

We are fighting for a uniquely American solution that gives you a guarantee of coverage and real choice: keep your private insurance plan or join a new public health insurance plan so you are no longer at the mercy of the private insurance industry.

That reads like it was downloaded from the President’s teleprompter. And once again, prominent on the steering committee is ACORN, along with SEIU, AFSCME, and the AFL-CIO.

So what is the unions’ goal for American healthcare? According to the Kaiser Family Foundation on March 19th, 2009:

The Service Employees International Union and the California Nurses Association on Wednesday announced an agreement under which they will seek to unionize employees at hospitals nationwide and promote expansion of health insurance to all U.S. residents, the New York Times reports. Under the agreement, the unions will focus on efforts to unionize employees of larger hospital systems, where nurses would join CNA and other workers would join SEIU.

Here is a link to the team of healthcare united- you will find these folks all swim in the same groups, Acorn, SEIU, ANA, AFSCME, etc..

Luella Toni Lewis, M.D., a leader in the ongoing debates over appropriate work schedules for medical residents and medical care for the uninsured, is honored to be joining the Healthcare United team as a Lead Advocate. Toni currently serves as the current president of the Committee of Interns and Residents of SEIU Healthcare (CIR), which the largest medical resident union in the United States…..

Cathy Stoddart RN, BSN, is proud to be one of the Lead Advocates for Healthcare United.  Cathy brings 29 years of experience to her new role, having been in acute care nursing since 1979, practicing at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA in the kidney transplant and colorectal surgery unit. Cathy has been a lead advocate for improving care through safer patient ratios. She is a member of the National Nurse Alliance committee on Quality Care and a member of the National Steering Committee on Legislation for Safe Staffing — a joint committee with the United American Nurses Association to win staffing ratios through federal legislation for all nurses…

Valerie Tate, RN graduated with an Associate Degree from the University of DC in 1983 and worked as a bedside nurse at a Washington, DC inner city hospital until 1991. She is currently the Quality Care Programs Coordinator for the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare; working with RN leaders who represent 85,000 union RNs and connecting with 200,000 nonunion RNs, on improving patient outcomes, quality care and RN satisfaction in the acute care workplace. She has previously served as President of the DC Nurses Association; Member of the American Nurses Association (ANA) Congress on Nursing Economics; and Member of the ANA NLRB Rule Task Force…..

Julia Greene is the National Coordinator for Professional Associations for Healthcare United. She works on recruiting organizations of healthcare professionals to take charge of reforming healthcare by joining the Healthcare United campaign.

Most recently Julia was the Director of Health Systems for SEIU Colorado. In that position, Julia was appointed as a Commissioner to the Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission on Healthcare Reform and served from November 2006-January 2008. She also worked in both Colorado and Arizona as the State Campaign Director for Americans for Health Care, a project of SEIU.

Prior to joining SEIU, she spent 8 years as a community organizer in the Boston area working with church-based coalitions on housing, immigration and healthcare campaigns. It was her work on a successful coalition effort to save a community hospital that Julia first discovered her passion for healthcare.

Previously Julia worked in both Colorado and Arizona as the State Campaign Director for Americans for Health Care, a project of SEIU.  Before joining SEIU, Julia worked in community organizing in the state of Massachusetts.  She was the Director for the Merrimack Valley Project in Lawrence and Lowell where she worked to establish a HUD Home Consortium in the region.   As a Senior Organizer for the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) she developed an innovative base-building model and ran a successful signature collection campaign (125,000+ signing in support of a state-wide Housing Trust Fund).  She also headed up an immigrant organizing campaign and was part of a successful coalition effort to save a community hospital.  She also taught organizing classes and seminars at several colleges and universities throughout the greater Boston area…..

All of these members of all of these groups swing from group to group and the groups regularly work in concert with one another.

When you scratch the surface of these groups, you will find hundreds, if not, thousands of little groups all saying the same things and using the same progressive-fascist language, and many with incestuous ties to one another.  ANA is just one of many such organizations that have been actively pursuing Anti-constutional policies, including awarding illegals tax-dollar benefits, advocating for the legalization of marijuana, abortion, and fetal tissue stem cell research.

Do not be fooled by the appearance of bipartisanship  Obama is trying to create with this re-endorsement of Obama’s plan from an organization whose members have been openly, actively, militantly supporting Obama through their connections to SEIU, Apolloa Alliance, Tides, Acorn, and the whole web of community organizing and union organizations the Progressive millionaires use to funnel unlimited funds to their united cause (the destruction of American capitalism) and to now funnel illegal tax dollars to these militantly partisn groups.

Paul G. Collier

An american freedomist