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John Cornyn- Leader of NRSC withholding funds for Delaware Senate Race

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As The Freedomist has noted, the Delaware Senate Race is the most important race in the country.  The winner of the race will be seated immediately.  A win by Christine O’Donnell could effectively end any further Obama agenda during Obama’s first, and hopefully, last term.  Despite that fact, the NRSC is spending millions on races like the Florida Senate Race, where Rubio is well ahead, and not one cent on the Delaware Senate Race.  Why?

Senator Cornyn Stops NRSC Effort Against Vulnerable Delaware Dem

The Delaware Senate race has already been “called” by pundits and prognosticators, like Karl Rove, with surprising results and now, the same band of “wise men” seems to have divined that, once again, they know what’s best and they know what’s coming.

After the last debate, in which Democrat candidate for Senate Chris Coons came off as snobby and yet insecure in the “19 point lead” some polls say he holds, poll watchers and others are asking- “why did Chris Coons ACT LIKE this is a close race?” Coons did  not come off as confident or secure, in fact he came off as stunned by a turn of events which, to the outside observer, makes no sense. The outstanding questions are-

WHY does a candidate who is ahead by 19 points act like Chris Coons did?

WHAT internal polling data does Chris Coons have that we don’t have access to?

WHY do the Democrats feel the need to send in Joe Biden and the President to help shore him up while other races get less resources?

The typical candidate’s line that “the polls are wrong” is not a weighty argument, generally, in favor of their candidacy when the polls show them down by over 10 points, but the Delaware race has been unique in that predictions based on poll numbers HAVE indeed been wildly off the mark in terms of predicting ultimate outcome. What is more, the behavior of the Coons camp and the Democrats in general seems to indicate that this race may indeed swerve once again into some unknown and unpredictable territory.

All of this begs the questions- if the Democrats and the Coon camp are acting SCARED and vulnerable, and anyone who saw that debate a few nights ago must admit that Coons did NOT act like a man who is 19 points ahead, WHY is Senator Cornyn and the NRSC not taking the same approach in Delaware as they are in, say, California? One could cite the polls, and normally this would be a legitimate response, but the recent history in this race and the behavior of the other side seem to indicate a potential opening that only a fool would not exploit!

Some political insiders we have spoken to, on condition of anonymity, speculate that Karl Rove, while he may have publicly backed off of his petulance after O’Donnell beat his candidate in the primary, is exacting his own “pound of flesh” and leaning on Cornyn and the NRSC to give scant lip service to the campaign and essentially surrender Delaware, despite what now appears to be a new opening, for no better reason but that an O’Donnell win over Coons, which is quite possible given the previous history of this race, might tarnish his “wise man” status.

This is, however, all speculation and it may simply be a case of plain old political ineptitude, the same ineptitude that originally caused an NRSC staffer to say that not one dime would go to help O’Donnell, a statement that was refuted by the NRSC when they gave around $40,000 to the campaign.

Delaware’s Senate race is extremely vital to people who either oppose the Democrat’s current plan to use the lame duck session of Congress to push through controversial items in their agenda or who want to ensure that the Senator from Delaware, who will be seated right after the election and will be in that lame duck session, votes the way THEY want them to vote.

This might explain why, poll numbers being what they are, the Democrats are nervous and are not taking any chances, but it by no means explains why Senator Cornyn, who is tasked with helping his party gain seats, is not responding in kind.

Here is what he said right after the  election, trying to save face after rumors surfaced that the NRSC would not support Christine O’Donnell:

NRSC Chairman John Cornyn pledges support to Christine O’Donnell

Sep 15, 2010 The NRSC Chairman pledges support to Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.…/nrsc-chairman-johncornyn-pledges-support-to-christine-odonnell-in-delaware/