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There is an GOP senate primary election happening tomorrow in New Mexico that has not garnered much, if any, national attention.  The fact that this election has not garnered much attention defies all sense of reason.

This election pits Greg Sowards against Heather Wilson, with Sowards playing the role of Tea Party champion and Heather Wilson playing the role of progressive in sheeps clothing (piscs, as some call them, or RINOS if you’re more polite).

This Senate primary election is dripping with a theme rich with the almost serial battles of many GOP primary showdowns this election season, the party establishment favorite and luke-warm conservative (in this case, maybe luke warm progressive might be apropos) Heather Wilson, against Social AND Fiscal conservative Greg Soward.

Here is all you need to know about Heather Wilson, though you can read more-  Heather Wilson is for keeping the ‘good parts’ of Obamacare.

Here she is in her own words:

“We believe that the provisions of Obamacare that are not working should be repealed, that those provisions that are working should be retained….”

Issues | Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson is a congresswoman who has a long track record of voting for pro abortion legislation, as the Soward campaign points out, she voted for the first 4 out of 5 bills Nancy Pelosi pushed through the house, including Tarp, voting to ban Ten Commandments displays, voted for the morning after pill, TWICE, and voted over and over again to give President Obama an open bank account by raising the debt of all Americans to fund his progressive social engineering and redistribution programs (with a little crony capitalism mixed in).

What amazes me is that New Mexico, a state where there are many active Tea Party organizations, does not seem to be paying any attention to a race that cries out for coverage.  Here is a state that might very well see its legislature turn GOP for the first time since Eisenhower.  This is a bell weather state for the 2012 Presidential Election as well as a pivotal state in the battle for the GOP to win back the Senate.

If the GOP elites manage to push through this RINO (ok, she’s a pisc, a Progressive in Sheep’s Clothing) they will all but be handing over a victory to the democrats, who are poised to run a ‘moderate’ democrat in a slightly democratic leaning state against a…and brace yourselves folks because we’ve seen this in the GOP Presidential nomination of Mitt Romney, a moderate democrat.  That’s right, the democrats get to choose between a democrat and a democrat in a race that, if the RINO Queen, as Jeffrey Lord so aptly calls her, wins this election tomorrow, then the Party Elites of New Mexico have just handed the Dems a nice comfy Senate Seat for 2012.

What can you, our readers, do?  Go to Twitter and ask Breitbart and Malkin and Redstate why they aren’t covering this race and doing their part to get the word out, AND QUICKLY, to the GOP voters in New Mexico to beware of progressives in sheeps’ clothing, they just might be a RINO Queen

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Top Ways Wilson Has Failed New Mexico

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Heather Wilson Staff Linked to Illegal Voter Registration Scheme, 3-1-12 the precursor to the federally mandated health care we now have with Obamacare!

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