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national repentance day

The following is a commentary designed to provoke Christian thought and debate around one question- if we give our vote to a godless, abomidable Party that denies the need for God’s truth in our laws and public policy, are we ourselves participating in their godless rejection of Jesus Christ? I say, yes, if Christians give their votes to ANY member of such a godless Party that officially rejects God and His righteousness, then they are personally guilty of that Party’s sin and have fallen from Grace. You cannot serve both God and mammon, you cannot be both a Christ-follower and a supporter of a godless Party!

America has rejected God, primarily through the godless Democrats who have embraced a godless secularism that defies the truth of God with their love of so-called “gay marriage” and abortion, among other godless beliefs and practices.

The Democrats reject, out of hand, any notion that any beliefs they deem to be based on morality or religion should have any influence over public policy- even if the People VOTE for policies and laws that reflect their beliefs.

Democrats have a peculiar version of “democracy” in which ONLY ideas mined from the depths of their godless beliefs are “allowed” as options for voters. This is like the “democracy” of the USSR where voters could only choose from a slate of candidates picked by the Party.

Democrats want to limit YOUR choices to a slate of ideas, excluding every idea they deem to be “religious” or “moral” and in so doing they are in total rebellion against God.

Republicans are not always much better, but they do not officially and consistently deny the value of religious beliefs, or the participation of people who have strong religious or moral beliefs, in the public policy debate. The Party, as an instution, does not officially reject the need for guidance from the Word of God, but the Democrats do.

We must seriously question the spiritual sanity of any so-called “Christian” who throws in their lot with the Democrats. Christians who can’t support the Republicans or a third party candidate do better by not voting than to give their vote to a godless Party that is the single-greatest champion of blasphemy and abominations in this nation’s history.

On National Repentance Day let us repent of our participation in the godlessness of the Democratic Party and by denying our votes to ANYONE who is a member of this godless and abomidable Party.

National Repentance Day, November 6, 2012
Stop participating in the godlessness of the Democratic Party!