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Homeland Security Refuses To Follow Federal Law

William R Collier Jr

The feds are basically having a fit over the Supreme Court’s decision to let the states report on illegal immigrants. They revoked their agreements with 5 cities in Arizona and have decided to refuse to answer calls when an illegal alien is reported. This might appeal to some Hispanic voters who somehow think being Hispanic means you MUST be for amnesty for illegals, so much so that anyone who promises that gets their vote (even if they support killing the unborn or condoning new forms of “marriage” that reduce the value of marriage in society…even as Hispanics are seeing a LOSS in economic standing under Progressive policies).

This is lawlessness on steroids, but nobody seems to care enough to do somthing about it, so one can guess that it will only get worse. The problem is that the illegal immigration problem is not that simple. Who wouldn’t want to escape places of corruption and oppression, but why do those same people, who flee progressive tyranny, elect progressives in America once they get the vote?

Here is the rub: even people who feel compassion for illegals, like myself, see through the smoke and mirrors to see how the Progressives are busy marginalizing and isolating more and more Hispanics and brainwashing them with bogeyman stories about how everyone who isn’t a Progressive hates them. So, even if we might want to have compassion we have to ask: do we need 12 million more people stuck on the Progressive slave plantation. The refusal to enforce the law while catering to the myth that all non-Progressives are somehow “racists” is un-American.