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I may be losing a lot of friends over the coming days and weeks. Whatever you think about taxation, wealth redistribution. gay rights, the ‘right to choose’, having a small or large military, if you are part of the progressive party, you are part of something that is about a lot more than the issues I outlined above.
Progressivism is a de-humanizing, political and corporate class enriching, genocidal, race supremecist ideology of hate and despair.
As we have now entered a stage where progressivism has all but consolidated its stranglehold on the land, it is time for those of us who KNOW what this ideology REALLY is to boldy proclaim our Ezekial warning to the land.
Repent of your embrace of evil. Repent of your enabling of wicked, wanna-be tyrants. If you continue to serve and empower the rise of this amoral, liberty-murdering ideology, you will be remembered as one of the dark enablers of evil.
It is time to make clear lines in the sand between those of us who reject the tyranny of this awful ideology and those who continue to serve, promote and make apologies for this doctrine of death.
Progressivism must be destroyed or we must die trying.
This is our Dietrich Bonhoeffer moment.
NOTE: I hate ideologies, not people. I want to destroy power, not people. My hope is that those who support progressivism will have their eyes opened and realize the true ideology that underlies the issues they THINK progressivism is all about. I will be showing what progressivism is in the words of the founders of this dangerous ideology. It’s about so much more than equality and justice, it’s about elitist empowerment and lower class expendability.

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