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As Indiana Republican Rep. Mike Pence nears a decision on his political future, a presidential draft group for another Hoosier looking at a White House bid has gone one better than the draft groups for Pence.

Students for Mitch, a PAC organized by Yale students, announced on Thursday that they purchased TV time to air an ad to try and draft Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels into the Republican presidential primary for the coming campaign cycle.

The ad features a Yale student speaking about President Obama, although she never names him.

She alludes to things passed during Obama’s first term, including cash for clunkers and health care by noting, \”He bought me a car. He even subsidized my medical insurance.\”

\”Everything was perfect,\” she continues, \”until I got my credit card bill. Turns out he was spending all of my money.\”

The student goes on to promote Daniels, touting his concerns with fiscal responsibility.

\”Mitch Daniels did not approve this message,\” the narrator says at the close of the spot. \”Tell him to.\”

The ad buy is miniscule, but the spot will air in Iowa and New Hampshire. A draft movement for Barack Obama aired a longer TV spot in New Hampshire for the president after the 2006 midterms.

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