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Paul Gordon Collier

armed teachers sign

The Democratic Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, vetoed legislation passed by the state’s Republican-controlled House and Senate that would have allowed school districts to allow specially trained and certified teachers to carry concealed weapons in school.  The bill began in 2012, immediately after Sandy Hook, as a measure to help schools protect their students from gun assaults like Sandy Hook.

The Governor cited concerns for student safety as the reason for vetoing the bill.  Critics were quick to counter that the governor lacked a basic trust in teachers, the same trust he would give to police officers who are also armed.  Proponents applauded the governor for standing up to the gun lobby, accusing the Republican-controlled legislature of distracting from the true cause of gun violence, lack of effective gun control laws, not arming teachers.

The Missouri legislature can override the Governor’s veto with a 2/3 majority vote in both the House and the Senate.  The bill passed the House by more than a 2.3 margin while it fell two votes short of meeting the threshold in the Senate.  However, three Republicans were absent for the vote.