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Mike Castle with the folks who will benefit from his selection to the Delaware Senate

mike castle

Mike Castle is a careerist politician who owes his political life to TARP funded banks and who is supported by RINOS and conservative pretenders who think they are the next Right, a right that tends to support liberal candidates and sling mud at conservatives, so not “Right” at all.

Rumored to be possibly one of two GOP Senate votes for Reid’s Cap and Trade, for which he voted in the house, Castle would, if sworn in on the day after the special election, be a likely “get” for the Democrats to have the 60 votes needed to stop any filibuster and push through their agenda in a Lame Duck session.This may explain why the “conservative” next right professionals and the Huffington Post are all slinging the same mud at Castle’s Constitutional Republican opponent and why the Progressives are not on the war path against Castle but they rage against his opponent- while trying to convince us that Castle is our better choice and his opponent is weak.

If Castle’s Constitutional Republican opponent was weak, why would we see the left and the self-styled new Right, who aren’t Right at all, ganging up on her while giving Castle a pass during a primary race? One would think that the left would WANT O’Donnell to win the primary election if they really thought she was weak but the truth is that the left and the new Right, which isn’t Right at all, are threatened by Christine O’Donnell.

What does Mike Castle and his new Left and new Right cheer-leading squad know that we don’t know?

Castle may have more ambitious, and interesting plans, in a state that tends to elect Democrats but which may elect a Republican by virtue of the present anti-majority party sentiment. His track record of supporting Nancy Pelosi in the House, and now with the rumor that he is Reid’s potential filibuster-breaking vote if he is seated, could also signal a long term plan of switching parties, as has been noted at RedState, thus ensuring that even if the GOP narrowly wins back the Senate, Castle is not unlikely to switch sides and give the whole thing BACK to the Democrats, just as Specter did in Pennsylvania.

Mike Castle is not an entrepreneur, he’s not a leader, he’s a Liberal with a capital L and the company he keeps are dirty-tricks specialists who claim to be conservatives themselves but who often enough take sides against conservatives if the money is good!

If you want to resist the Lame Duck Congress Legion, go to the site. Http:// and put in our $5 and we are encouraged to see many of our readers doing the same and urging their friends to do the same.

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For now, go to and be part of history, Sock It To Joe and all his Progressive friends, and their GOP allies like Mike castle, by casting your $5 to $10 vote AGAINST Cap and Trade and FOR Freedom!

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