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High Caliber Gunshots on the Mexican side of the US border ignored by White House, Congressional Leaders, Media, alleges Congressman

Louie golmert on the border


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NOTE:  While this story is over a week old, The Freedomist has decided to cover this as very little coverage (outside of Fox News and The Blaze) has happened in the media.

Representative Louie Gohmert is alleging that the White House and media are ignoring an incident that happened on the US-Mexican border Friday, July 17th, one that he happened to have witnessed.  The incident occurred between 8 and 9 pm.  Gohmert arrived on scene 30 minutes after the gunfire but got first-hand witness accounts from numerous sources, including Border Patrol Agents.

According to Gohmert, there was a volley of what he described as ‘high caliber gunfire’ on the Mexican side of the border which immediately caused U.S border agents to take cover.

As the gunfire occurred, 40 illegal immigrants came out of the brush along the Rio Grande River and entered the U.S.  The nature of the gunfire caused Gohmert to question what types of people might be entering the U.S besides the overwhelming majority of people who are simply seekinig work.

The gunfire reported by Gohmert was later confirmed by U.S Customs and Border Patrol.  Gohmert stated, “The Department of Homeland Security didn’t want an issue made of this, and if I were not out there on the ground in the area where this happened Frida y night, you probably would have never heard of it because Homeland Security doesn’t want a big deal made out of it.  Our president doesn’t want a big deal made out of it, our leaders in Congress don’t want to make a big deal out of it, because that would mean they would have to do more to secure our border.”

Gohmert’s accusations were pointedly directed at leadership in both parties as well as the White House.

In Gohmert’s press release he stated,  “In the case of a .50-caliber gun, the noise is so earth shattering that, unlike a .223-caliber round that can sometimes go unnoticed, it’s very clear – you know immediately it’s indeed gunfire.  I understand there may be a more official position, that it was gunfire but that it may not have been directed at our guys.  In our case we were in a position where you could talk to people right there as it happened and get their stories before their superiors could help them with their stories.”

Gohmert went on to explain, “(The Border Patrol Agents) said they were hearing .50-caliber rounds and ricochets came up in their direction and they immediately sought cover, and they remained behind something protecting them until it stopped.  Our Border Patrol has nothing to stop a .50-caliber round, and when it stopped they immediately came from behind their cover and 40 to 50 people came up from the water.”

Gohmert speculated that the gunfire was intended “to cause our Border Patrol to have to seek cover and clearly they did not want anyone seeing or stopping what was coming across. And then they will be tied up processing the illegals and so they didn’t have the manpower to go through the brush and the trees, the heavy brush along the river banks there, to see what else may have accompanied the 40 or so illegal immigrants that gave rise to the .50-caliber fire.  We’re told they were not firing directly at our agents, but they were firing toward them, in their general direction, and caused them to seek cover.  They weren’t firing at but toward, in the general area and they accomplished apparently what they wanted, which was to keep (the border agents) from seeing what had crossed over the border after the illegals.”

So far, there has been no official comment from the White House regarding Gohmert’s accusations and the incident from Friday night.