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The Science of Godlessness Behind Feminist Male-Bashing

One of my Facebook friends, Louise Little Baranoski, posted this commentary on the man-bashing memes proliferating Facebook.  This commentary, to me captured so much of the motivation behind the progressive narratives proliferating our nation.  This line here really sums up why we allowed this to happen and why they attack us as they do:

feminism men suck meme

 I believe our defenses were compromised when we drifted from the word of God, and isn’t that always when the trouble starts.

Amen, sister.  Here is her commentary:

Louise Little Baranoski


Almost every day I see male bashing memes and I know some of you think they’re funny and I should just “lighten up”, but try to see it another way, esp if you love your families and your country. Bashing and undermining our men is a tenet of feminism, the imposition of which has spelled disaster for us.  America’s enemies are hellbent on ruining this country, and you better believe feminism is one of their weapons.  How foolish we’ve been to bash our men, to dabble in feminism the way we have.
You’d think we didn’t have fathers, husbands, brothers, or sons that we loved.  You’d think we didn’t have hearts. I believe our defenses were compromised when we drifted from the word of God, and isn’t that always when the trouble starts.  Our enemies are smart and they saw us weakening.  They figured out the best way to undermine our country was to take out our backbone, our homes.  No doubt their most effective weapon against our homes was feminism, and it worked like a weapon of mass destruction.  So insidious and cunning, even conservatives spout this garbage while their own families are in shambles.
It’s high time to call it what it is, evil.  Feminism subverts the design that our Creator has established for us, his creation.  Feminism wants only to undermine the role of the man, to usurp the roles God has designed the man for, and to distort into perversion the roles God has designed the woman for.  Feminism denies God’s authority, is it any wonder it’s the tool of our enemies.  If we had any sense we’d rightfully consider it a threat to our freedom.
And no, there is no clean end to that turd, so flush it. God has the best plan for our lives, our roles are divine by design, they are different, but equally important.  And I say again don’t be tripped up by the liars who tell you that our God given role is a lesser role, ladies that is a LIE.  Bashing men is bad for us and is contrary to what the Bible teaches.  So knock it off.