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National Elections not solutions- local Constitutional accountability is- source-

Skip Murphy of Granite Grok, one of our favorite locally-focused conservative news blogs in America, wrote an article near and dear to our hearts here at Freedomist- In it, he quoted from our Co-Editor, William Collier, who has been making a call to challenge what he callls the Politicocracy. That challenge is this- Damn the National elections- win or lose, nothing willl significantly change in America until we raise up our local governments to do the work they once did, to pledge their allegiance first and foremost to the Constitution itself, to ween itself off of the unholy mother’s milk of state and federal funds, to, in short, be the model of individual freedom, liberty, self-empowerment, personal responsibility and reiliablity that define the values of our Constitutional Rule of Law. Continue reading → Read more at Click Here