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What is the proper role of the state in our lives?

This is a question that is moral and logical and that depends much on self-evident truths that are not so self-evident to anyone who buys into the Progressive lie that the state is the prime driver and object of historical progress, for the Progressive the state is god.

progressive statism


William Collier

For the Progressive, the role of the state is virtually unlimited, leaving them itellectually powerless to resist the rise of a despot. In fact, Progressives cannot even spot the early warning signs of emerging despotism, which explains why they embrace groups likes the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a rightist religious Progressive organization that believe the state is the arm of Allah.

The Progressive Brotherhood puts party over the People and its own humanist utopian ideology over the Nation. It regards popular consensus, the idea of absolute truth, as well as the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence as hindrances to their radical despotic agenda.

If you believe that God is the prime driver and object of historical progress, it becomes self-evident that the role of the state must be limited. With such a view in mind, we have a strong intellectual defense against despotism and we can easily spot its early warning signs.

A new political party is being considered as an alternative to the dem/gop cabal that leads America’s Progressive Brotherhood who “evince a design of tyranny”  where the state rules as a god over every aspect of our lives.

Like the page below to get updates and participate in deciding whether such a party is viable and, if so, what it should stand for. Freedom-takers who adore the state are not needed nor will they be accepted.

American Liberation Party