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Paul Gordon Collier

ISP conceal carry

The Illinois State Police offered some rules changes on conceal carry licencing as a direct response to lawsuits by individuals whose conceal carry licence applications were rejected without explanation.

The new rules will give the applicants an explanation as to why their licence was rejected and which agency offered reasons for that rejection.  The applicants will be given ten days to challenge to rejection.  The State Police cited concerns about ongoing lawsuits and fears of additional lawsuits for the reasons for changing the rules.

So far this year, the ISP has rejected more than 2,500 applicants, classifying them as being dangerous but not offering why they fall into that category. 100 lawsuits and counting have been filed to date.

The ability of the applicants to appeal their decision is considered to be the most important of all the rules changes.  The offering of the reason why the applications were rejected could aid the applicants in appealing the decision.