- A People-Powered Free Press And A Bill of Rights Initiative

Progressives tried to use “murder by cop” to silence and opponent to their freedom-taking agenda. It’s called “SWATtin” and the objective is to get an opponent killed by the police, that’s really the bottom line. To see how they do it, and why, go here — From Publius Forum- Aaron Worthing Wins Blow for Free Speech, Then Gets SWATed « Publius Forum/

The Progressive Politocracy is out of control and no blogger who opposes them is “off limits”, in fact there are no boundaries they are not willing to crash through to silence their oppponents. This is the nature of a man-made ideology that depends on the State to solve every problem. Christians rely on God to makes things right, therefore they can afford to forego trying to force people to think or act the way they want them to.

Progressives, despite their claim of religious affiliation, are godless freedom-takers who think the state is the source of life and the solver of every problem. For them it is not “immoral” to use the police to kill their opponents by making fake 911 calls- it’s just another example of the Progressive instinct to use the state to solve their problems. Legal actions are not being organized because, 1, we don’t know WHO is behind this other than Progressives and, 2, the authorities (like the Attorney General) are too busy fighting the People to protect their rights. This is what happens when Progressives are in power.