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Entry One- 4-15-12

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I had family fellowship time today with my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my wife, and my daughter.  I need to sit down and write how our journey began as a family being built up in a Christ-centered way, but for this time, I simply want to share what I experienced today.

Every Saturday night we have a family dinner I have called a Feast of Peace and Rest.  It has evolved to have different structures, different focuses, depending on the needs, circumstances of our family.  What began as a shabat-inspired dinner has become a family koinonia dinner.  Our family, through living it out, has been learning and practicing what my group of Koinonia brothers and sisters in Tioga County (Johnny Berguson, Juanita Berguson, Bill Collier, Dora Collier, my wife, Jena, and myself Paul)  call the Seven devotions, these are what we see as the core ‘practices’, at the DNA level, of living out a Christ-centered connection with one another.