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The Golden Calf of the Progressive Left and Right- Paul Collier- response to- @ProgressiveTT

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The Golden Calf of the Progressive Left and Right- Paul Collier

Prog morality of state control versus God’s reality of Faith, Hope, and Love

Commentary:   Progressives are inviting one another to debate the progressive economic model and justify it in terms of freedom, to take back the language of freedom from those hard conservatives who seek to empower corporations and limit government (their language)- A key phrase in the article that @ProgressiveTT tweets is this- “We are free when we can act as politically empowered citizens, holding government accountable, and pushing the state to create a more just economy.”  I believe the key phrase here is “create a more just economy”-

This is an idea that justice, that morality, that decency comes from laws and regulations.  When you are a godless person, and you believe first and foremost in the cult of the collective god of man, as progressives do (though most do not understand their own form of idolatry) you tend to look at the world through rules, regulations, laws, not through fundamental moral belief systems built on absolute truths set outside the limits of man.

This article sets up a straw man argument, defining the conservative concept of freedom as being one that blindly believes in a ‘pure’ capitalist, free market reality where only the free market dictates, i.e only profit drives the moral compass of a society’s economy.  What they are in fact describing is the flipside version of themselves, another godless ideology born from the same premise, that man makes his world and the collective man is the maker and the center of the universe, or, a god.

In the progressive model advocated by people like Obama, Hitler, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and men and women of that ilk, whom this present crop of progressives are following and parroting, the state is the engine through which the godless cult of the collective god of man comes into being.  Our rules, regulations, laws will mold us into the collectivst ideal these progressives hope to create, a Utopian egalitarianism where all citizens are completely focused on the good of the whole, willing, or forced, but preferrably willing, to sacrifice their own individual liberties, property, and prosperity for the great god of progressivism, the ‘good of the whole’, the collectivist lord of the universe- the organism of man.

Within the GOP, reflected in men like Mitt Romney, in former Presidents like the Bushes, they also believe in the collectivst God of man and also believe that the organism as a whole can be moved towards utopian perfection through top-down rules and regulations.  But their solution is not purely a statist solution.  They believe that economy will mould we mere underlings into being the collectivist parts that make the whole God-man organism come to perfection.

Their view of Utopian perfection is a harmonic existence between the creators, the producers, the managers, the money changers, and the underlings, the workers, the drones, an existence that naturally emerges in a pure free market model where morality is defined and created through profit.

These folks are the Rinos, the progressive lites of the GOP.

Neither one of these ideological progressive perspectives address the core issues that define the vitality of a moral society, one that creates a culture necessary for a ‘just’ economy.

The root of my life is not in a list of rules and regulations that create my moralty, but in my belief in Christ as my savior, my experience of His love for me and my love for Him.  I follow his teachings, his ways not like I follow government rules or how I might be swept up in the economic profit and loss tides that alone will somehow dictate my right and wrong views.  I follow His ways out of a foundation of faith, love, and hope in the one truth that exists outside of my limitations, the truth of the living word, Christ himself.

As a Christ follower, I understand in my relation to the natural, and that is what we are addressing here, man’s relation to man,  that it is against Christ’s teachings to force my beliefs on others.  I cannot, by the power of the state, force people to worship and live Christ.  I can’t even force my daughter, my wife to follow Christ and live his values.  But as a Christ follower I also understand that my life in its totality is Christ’s, and that anything I do is a reflection of Him, not the godless, secular value system these progessives (progressives on the right and the left) want to hoist upon me.

In a nation of Christ followers, our laws, our economy would reflect the values of Christ. Our laws would respect free will, just as Christ does, and protect those with different beliefs from being unjustly persecuted. In a nation of Christ followers, corporations, businesses that reflect the godless corporatists values of the progressive right would not stay in business. We would not need laws to prevent these corporations from acting in ungodly ways, the fundamental DNA of the people, built on Christ’s DNA, would not allow for their success anymore than in our present culture a company that openly practices racist policies would exist, even if laws did not exist to protect people from racial discrimination.

Our laws would protect basic freedoms, but not micro-manage narrowly defined freedoms and concepts of justice  built on the DNA of the cult of man, the collectivist universe-making god of man.

If you read this article in its totality, and I hope you do, you can see the fundamental gap between progressive, man-god based thinking and the thinking of a Christ follower, or, even, for that matter, other belief systems where morality, justice, is born not from the micro-managed social engineering of states and corporations, but the deep convictions of people born from a love that emerges through their core belief system.

Where we have unjust economies, we are sure to have one of two conditions- the fascist control of resources by a select few (such as the progressives of both the left and the right advocate- the left championing a government social engineering scheme and the right championing the de facto state control of corporations that can manipulate macro economies to keep the micro economies of liberty from emerging- using burdensome regulations and laws dictated by state controllers to raise the cost of entry for micro-scale entrepreneurs) or the lack of a moral core within the people as a whole.  I support that in America today we have met both conditions, though the former is not as extreme as other nations face, while the latter is almost as extreme as what the Israelites faced when, two minutes after Moses went up the mountain to talk to the Lord, the people gathered to build a new god of gold.

Both the progressive left and the progressive right are busy, as soon as Moses leaves (a symbol of our moral compass, if you will), rushing to build their own version of the golden calf.

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Despite conservative rhetoric to the contrary, freedom is more than individual freedom from state interference, or the freedom to transact on the market. Throughout history, successful progressive reformers have espoused a much more robust view of freedom: one that combats not only the arbitrary power of the state, but also the threats posed by powerful private actors like big corporations, and by the inequities and insecurities caused by market fluctuations. In this vision, the government is not an obstacle to freedom that must be dismantled; rather it is a vital tool that can help expand individual freedom against the dangers posed by big private interests or economic insecurity. This progressive view of freedom is also a deeply democratic one: We are free when we can act as politically empowered citizens, holding government accountable, and pushing the state to create a more just economy.

This progressive view of freedom was most clearly articulated by a disparate set of reformers around the turn of the 20th century. Their world was shaped by the nation’s radical transformation in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. The stunning growth of corporations created powerful new companies like the Standard Oil Trust and financial giants like J.P. Morgan. Meanwhile increasing urbanization, poverty and social displacement combined with recurring boom and bust economic cycles to create a new level of economic insecurity.


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