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Juanita Berguson- A Kingdom Witness

By On October 10, 2012 

Juanita Berguson

A Kingdom Witness Profile

Juanita Berguson of


Juanita Berguson has been seeking to see the body of Christ come together in a funcational way for over 20 years now. Juanita pursued a long and arduous path to get to the place where she is now, seeing the Kingdom of God around her, beginning to emerge.

Juanita Berguson took her Kingdom witnessing message to Christians and Atheists alike on Twitter with @juanitaberguson where she has made a lot of friends and some not-so-much frends who just as soon not listen to Juanita Berguson talk about the Kingdom of God.

Juanita Berguson is now expanding beyond her twitter presence at @juanitaberguson and venturing to Youtube, where her Juanita Berguson (clever title to be sure) Youtube Channel features her almost daily Vblogs on Living out the Kingdom of God. Now Juanita Berguson is at long last ready to step into the world of blogging, with her very own blog, that’s right, called Juanita Berguson at You can go to and find more of the Kingdom witness Juanita and some of her friends are sharing online

You can read an excerpt from a work in progress by Juanita, A Kingdom Tale,  by clicking hereJuanita Berguson has only one desire in life, to see the Kingdom of God advance even agains the violence of those who would seek to stop it.