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I am a big fan of history, I love to study not only what happened, how, and why, but what cycles and patterns can be seen and how we can use that knowledge to predict possible future events.

Here’s what I have come to believe- there are cycles in human history and that whole civilizations go through a process of birth, development, maturity, and, ultimately, death. Nothing human and of this world  can last forever. It is important to remember that.

Are Christians out of touch?  Perhaps…

On October 7, 2012By

Here are some thoughts to ponder.  The Kingdom, Culture and Us.

The Prophetic Teachings of the National Football League

On September 30, 2012By

For those of you who regularly follow the NFL, you are fully aware of the debacle that was the replacement referee experiment, an experiment that culminated in a legendary head coach putting his hands on a referee at the end of a controversial game and a Monday night football game in which one team was overtly denied a victory.

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