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UPDATE- Eco-terrorist shot and killed by police!!!!
James Lee, Eco Terrorist who targeted Discovery Channel programming, looks, acts, and smells like a far left green radical. We just bet he would be a zealous supporter of Cap and Trade. Are you listening to you constituents Harry, Nancy, and Barack Obama? TJames Lee- he face of far left radicalism in web form:


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Video of James Lee throwing money around

Discovery Channel HQ Hostage Taker , James Lee, An Enviro-Extremist

Apparently, James Lee is a convinced, radical secularist who believes that in order for the planet to evolve, humans have to be removed. Hitler, also a radical secularist, believed that the Jews were the problem and Stalin, another radical secularist believed that capitalism was the impediment (he also hated the Jewish people and killed millions himself in pogroms).


James Lee’s YouTube footage of his protest is erased, but the video were posted by which, although no direct to Lee is apparent, has a similar idea for “change” through video and TV shows.

Lee’s contact information:

James Lee

8639-B 16th Street Suite #348

Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Phone: (760)-612-4309

In his February 2008 protest, James Lee posted, in part,

—–We are running out of time to save this planet and the Discovery Channel is a big part of the problem, not the solution. Instead of showing successful solutions, their broadcast programs seem to be doing the opposite. Shows like “Cash Cab” and “Dirty Jobs” serve as diversions to keep the focus off what is really important, which is Global Warming and Animal Extinction. Why do they broadcast a show like “Future Weapons” that only promise to destroy the planet even more? And their new lineup “Planet Green” is all about more products and other substandard solutions. Do we really need shows like these when the planet is in crisis? No, instead the focus should be on coming up with new formulas that actually work. Why would the broadcasters and programmers focus more on the destruction of the planet rather than saving it?—–

From James Lee’s Website Posted in July of 2008;



I’m awarding about $200,000 worth of commercial real estate property in Hawaii plus $10,000 in cash for the best TV show idea to save the planet. 2nd place winner $5,000 and Third place winner $1,500! This is the Save the Planet Essay Contest that was stopped with my arrest before I could find a winner in front of the Discovery Channel protest in Silver Spring Maryland.

I am still looking for an essay or a package presentation about a TV show that could be developed based on Daniel Quinn’s book, “My Ishmael” where it talks about how people can build on each other’s ideas in order to save the planet. I’d really recommend persons submitting ideas to read this book to get a better understanding about the author’s core idea to save the planet. All the clues you need for saving the planet is in that book. It just needs a little alteration in order to turn it into a show. But if you think you can work the idea without reading that book, that’s ok too. I just find reading that book will give you an advantage over those who have never read that book.

Basically, the way Quinn says people can save the world is by building on each other’s ideas. For example, in the history of humans, a person might invent a wheel. Then another person might take the idea of the wheel and add an axle to it. Then another person might add a cart to it. Then, a few thousand years later, so many people have built on those ideas, we get the modern automobile which in reality is the end product of thousands of inventive people all helping each other to improve on each other’s ideas and make it better. The same is true of most of inventions we have today all being a culmination of ideas. But the goal here is to find ways to save the planet using the same creativity instead of making more junk we don’t need.

OK, here goes: The title of your TV show should be very catchy. Sometimes the title makes all the difference, so a good deal of thought should go into the creation of the title. Think of titles like “American Idol,” “The Apprentice”, and other shows that are obviously good and memorable because of their catchy, well-thought out, titles. Then think of the titles that are obviously bad and try to avoid making your show title sound like those.


Look Here for more updates on James Lee, the Eco-Terrorist of Discovery Channel

This is a video on James Lee’s Youtube Channel pushing an idea for a Green Leftist TV Show to ‘save the planet’

If you think that James Lee is not a fair representation of the Far Left Green Radical Agenda, check out this interview by Laura Ingram with another far left green radical on birth control policies to ‘save the planet” (NOTE: Would Eric Holder consider this woman’s ‘hate speech’ to be behind what James lee did and, if so, can the US seek to extradite her for ‘hate crimes’?)

In a desperate bid to conceal the far left ties of James Lee, the progressive hate site, THINK PROGRESS, Soros’ pet bomb thrower, latches onto Lee’s ‘anchor baby’ statement. Big surprise, he opposes all groups that…gasp…BREED and KILL forest animals JUST by being bored. Here is the disingenuous attempt by THINK PROGRESS to conceal James Lee’s Far Left agenda and actually lump him in with illegal immigration opponents:

This afternoon, a gunman entered the Discovery Communications building in Silver Spring, MD and appears to have taken at least one person hostage. Among his various bizarre, eco-related demands, one relates directly to immigration. The alleged hostage-taker, James Jay Lee, calls for the elimination of “anchor baby filth” and “immigration pollution”:

Programs must be developed to find solutions to stopping ALL immigration pollution and the anchor baby filth that follows that. Find solutions to stopping it. Call for people in the world to develop solutions to stop it completely and permanently. Find solutions FOR these countries so they stop sending their breeding populations to the US and the world to seek jobs and therefore breed more unwanted pollution babies. FIND SOLUTIONS FOR THEM TO STOP THEIR HUMAN GROWTH AND THE EXPORTATION OF THAT DISGUSTING FILTH! (The first world is feeding the population growth of the Third World and those human families are going to where the food is! They must stop procreating new humans looking for nonexistant jobs!)

Be sure you post a comment to their article showing them the reams of evidence that his is more than a ‘s0-called’ eco-terrorist, he is the classic definition of that role, a role championing every day on the terrorist-inciting pages of Think Progress.

The Saga is over- James Lee is dead:

Environmental Militant Killed by Police at Discovery Channel Headquarters

Police Say All Hostages Are Safe, Gunman James Lee Shot Dead

Sept. 1, 2010

A radical enviornmentalist who took three hostages at the Discovery Channel headquarters while wearing what police may be explosives was shot and killed by officers, police said.

The gunman, identified as James Lee, was killed by police following four hours of negotiations but the hostages are all safe, said Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger.

Manger said the suspect had “metalic canisters” strapped to his chest and back. When Lee was struck by police bullets, one of the canisters “popped.” Police have not confirmed if the canisters were a bomb, but Manger said the “device may have gone off” when he was shot.

Read what twitter and the blogs are saying about James Lee, Eco Terrorist: