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From, an interesting take on the IRS Scandal that, at the very least, might send a chilling message to anyone still championing the IRS as the manager of the Obamacare ‘tax code’-

IRS Violates SOTU Citizens United Ruling

How the IRS violated the US Supreme Court Ruling on Citizens United

How the IRS violated the US Supreme Court Ruling on Citizens United

As the IRS is getting set to take over IRScare in 2014, the nation should take pause to examine how the IRS has been used, in recent years, to violate a Supreme Court Ruling and bypass the will of the people’s house, congress.

Whether the President was the instigator of this violation of Rule of Law by the IRS or not remains to be seen.  We will make the case that there is a powerful trail of ‘inference’ that suggest the connection should at least be seriously investigated by a Special Prosecutor and not by a politically appointed agent, AG Eric Holder.

But even if the connection cannot be truthfully or legally made, the fact remains that the IRS willfully violated the Supreme Court Ruling on Citizens United.  What follows is how they violated that ruling and the powerful inferred connection that can be made directly to the President of the United States.

The violations of this ruling occurred when the IRS serially requested from 501c4s a list of their donors.  It is important that you note that the IRS requested a donor list of 501c4 applicants.  You will see why such a request from the IRS is a de facto work-around of the Rule of Law as determined by the Supreme Court, is a work-around of congress’ ‘inability’ to pass legislation regulating 501c4s and is perfectly inline with the President’s take on the Citizens United Ruling and his administration’s policy of using the Executive Branch to work around congress on a wide host of policies from gay rights to gun control to climate change.