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Ventura Says Adios to US
‘I will never stand for national anthem again. I will turn my back and I will raise fist’, Jesse Ventura. The atheist and “truther” said this after a Federal Judge tossed out his lawsuit against airport security measures. Ventura is moving to Mexico where, as a foreigner, he will not be allowed to own land or even comment at ALL on Mexican politics.

Obama and his staff at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue might prefer to go outside the Constitution by using regulatory powers and executive order to effectively legislate from the Oval Office, but when it suits them they will use the Constitution. Now they want to hide from scrutiny the internal goings-on about the botched Solyndra deal citing “separation of powers” and “executive privilege.”

GIULIANI: Obama ‘owns Wall Street movement’.. ‘Will take down his presidency’…
Rudi isn’t pulling any punches and he predicts that as the “Occupiers” show us more and more of their proverbial backsides Obama and company will regret embracing them. We have called for Resisting the Occupiers, predicting that only a solid, peaceful counter protest by the Tea Party will ensure that this doesn’t get out of control. To date our appeals to Tea Party leaders and groups have been ignored or rejected and the Occupiers are waxing worse and worse.
It might be good politics to let the other side show its proverbial backside in living color, but it’s not necessarily good for the country.

BREAKING- Andy Rooney Is No Longer An Atheist
The progressive funny man, pundit, and God-hater who was given an open mic by CBS for many decades has finally discovered something that isn’t too funny- that, yes Virginia, there is a God. We hope sincerely that he made his peace with God before he discovered this truth.

Gen X’er Thinks His Generation Sucks?
Dean Malik is a nice enough guy, but when he rips into my generation, well, it’s time for a food fight!
Malik (who writes here seems to think that Gen X’ers don’t appreciate hard work and didn’t have any great accomplishments.
It was Gen X’ers who manned the US military during its peak under Reagan and who directly contributed to the ending of the Cold War.
I served in the Navy at the tip of the spear hunting (finding) Soviet subs and helping to keep them bottled up in the North Sea.
As for history, Gen X’ers are among the leaders of the Tea Party and I was there, when the Tea Party was #dontgo and #tcot and many of us all threw in our support and effort to help give birth to the greatest political movement in modern history. Sarah Palin, one of the strongest pro-life and pro-America voices around, is a Gen X’er!
Todd Beamer and many of the passengers that sacrificed their lives in Shanksville PA were Gen X’ers!