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Intolerable Acts November 28 2011

By, By, Barney Frank!

The dean of financial corruption masquerading as reform, Barney Frank, is not going to run for re-election. The 31 year politico and author of Dodd-Frank, a financial “reform” bill that is causing heartache across the nation’s financial sector, has not announced why he is leaving his plush DC digs nor what he will do with his time.


California- Corrupting Of Youth Now An Educational Mandate

Begining in 2012, kids in California’s failing public schools will be forced to show “admiration” for the homosexual lifestyle, banishing any talk that this gross perversion against God, men, and nature is “sinful”, and promoting “exploration” of “sexual identity” by grade-school children against parental wishes. Under the guise of preventing bullying, homosexuals will be bullying children into becoming prey for sexual predators in their classrooms.


Climate Change Gurus Get Nervous

The old joke about how politicians would tax air if they could is no longer funny. As the climate-change gurus get more nervous about being exposed, their minions in Obama’s EPA are still cramming down outrageous “regulations” based on the notion that carbon dioxide is “toxic”. But all is not well for these gurus as Canada, showing their quiet mistrust of the whole climate-change agenda and its doctored “science”, is reportedly going to back out of the so-called “Kyoto Agreement” which many see as imposing jobs-killing regulations without any appreciable reward and for spurious reasons at that.


Pakistan’s Islamists Orchestrate A Rupture With The US

The recent NATO strike on a Pakistani army outpost was the result of that unit firing on Afghan soldiers on the other side of the border. The Afghan soldiers requested and received air support and in the return fire over 25 Pakistani troops were killed. The entire incident was orchestrated by the Islamist elements in the ISI to deliberately provoke a response that would lead to casualties on the Pakistani side which would then enflame the populace. Those who predict that nothing of substance will change with Pakistan may not be considering that this entire fiasco is being manufactured by the Pakistani government.


Israel Drags Its Feet On Iran

Will Israel deal with Iran’s burgeoning nuclear weapons program by shutting it down or is a nuclear Iran an inevitability? So far, the Israeli left are siding with Israel’s enemies, acting like collaborators in the demise of the Jewish People, while the Netanyahu government toys with every other option but the military one, so far caving to US pressure, led by America’s Pan-Islamic sympathetic president, and refusing to move beyond rhetoric. The clock is ticking and it in days, not months, it may be too late.


Democracy Or Justice?

Should people be allowed to launch Jihad against minorities or their neighbors in the name of democracy? That’s what is happening in Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood calls for killing all the Jews and taking away the rights of non-Muslims in Egypt. What is worse is that, while the Muslim Brotherhood may not be a majority after today’s vote, they will form the largest political block and likely head a coalition government. So, US M1 tanks, sold by the hundreds to Egypt, may in fact one day be turned against Israel.