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Breaking National News- sources in close to members of the House have contacted me about “rumors” of a “grand bargain”. These rumors may be real or they may be planted by the opposition, but one insider told me that “I have heard members (House members) talk about this very thing…”

congress deal

The idea is to offer the Democrats comromises to pass an immigration reform bill in exchange for concessions on Obamacare. If a deal is reached a Continuing Resolution to end the shut-down, keeping existing funding intact, and a vote to raise the debt ceiling would occur first, then a vote on either the immigration bill and/or the modifications to Obamacare.

As noted, the PLANTING of such rumors is part of the process and the real “news” here may be that such “rumors” have been planted. This means that SOMEONE is actually hoping the idea gets traction.

Generally, the planting of such rumors is meant for a limited audience, not for you and I, but I have decided that, serious proposal or planted rumor, you should know what SOMEONE down there in DC is cooking up. Maybe you like the idea, maybe you don’t, but when I hear powerful interests whispering among themselves, I have no problem shouting it out loud!

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