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Sharmine Narwani defends “legitimate” Hezbollah and welcomes “terrorist” label

Anti-Semite, and Senior Associate at St Antony’s College of Oxford University, Sharmine Narwani writes in the Huffington Post that she is proud to be considered a terrorist, and further defends Hezbollah, the homicidal suicide bomber factory that is funded by Iran, as a resistence organization.  THE FREEDOMIST has to ask how such an open supporter of murder and terrorism, how such a bloodthirsty racist and anti-semite Sharmine Narwani, is allowed to serve as a Professor at a presitigous English College and how the Huffington Post, despite its leftist ideology, could allow such an inflamatory piece to be posted on their blog site…

Judge for yourself.  Here are a few excerpts and a link to the whole inflamatory article:

……Today I realized that being a “terrorist” is maybe a good thing. Many thanks to the lovely ladies of the Lebanese aid flotilla who are the latest group of civilians attempting to bust open Israel’s illegal economic blockade of the Gaza Strip.

…..I was sitting in my summer-rental in Beirut this morning, enjoying a leisurely Sunday and surfing the web to catch up on some news when I came across a despicable commentary piece by Ben Cohen, a run-of-the-mill propagandist at the American Jewish Committee (AJC).

Right here on the Huffington Post, Cohen launched into a diatribe against the latest aid flotilla headed for Gaza – this time an all-female ship called the “Mariam” which is named after the Virgin Mary and boasts a crew of Lebanese ladies and foreign nationals from the Arab world, US, Canada, France, Serbia, Holland, Finland and other countries. With zero evidence whatsoever, Cohen tries to malign this humanitarian effort by linking the flotilla and its participants to Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah:

“This flotilla is being organized by Yasser Kashlak, a Palestinian businessman based in Lebanon. Kashlak is known for his ties to terror groups, having shared the platform at a January “pro-resistance” conference in Beirut with representatives of Hezbollah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Syrian Ba’ath Party and the Iranian Vice-President, Reza Mir Tajeddini. Kashlak insists that his flotilla is an independent initiative, but Al Manar, Hezbollah’s broadcasting arm, disagrees, noting that the voyage was announced less than a day after Nasrallah appealed for more flotillas to head for Gaza. The assertion of no connection with Hezbollah is further undermined by the presence of Samar Hajj, the wife of a former Lebanese General jailed for his part in the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.”…

…… let me point out that the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah is not considered a terrorist organization by any other nation than Israel, the US and Canada. Hezbollah has been in a coalition with the largest Christian political party in Lebanon for the past four years – not a fact you will readily read in the US media. They are a mainstream political party, ran in democratic elections last June and have two ministers serving in the Lebanese cabinet…..

read the whole hate-filled anti-semitic article here;

Be sure you comment to Sharmine Narwani about her terrorist-loving, murder-encouraging ideology…