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Paul Gordon Collier

Progressvism- when you see a group of people enjoying higher standards of living than everyone else, you work to bring them down to a similar level to everyone else

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Freedomism- when you see groups of people facing lower standards of living than everyone else, you work to create better opportunities to enable them to LIFT THEMSELVES UP to the higher standards.
Freedomist ‘charity’ is focused on enabling, empowering, not creating perpetual dependency using the money you stole from the upper classes (in hopes that you will bring those classes down to lower levels).
For many conservatives- they too often condemn and dismiss those struggling at the ‘lower classes’ as somehow deserving to be there, as being there simply because they don’t work hard enough or they are not talented enough.
Many conservatives are only working to preserve their way of life, with no great concern for those who live below their ‘standards’. I see these memes all the time from conservatives that reinforce this notion that you are poor because you deserve to be poor.
To be sure, there are people at lower levels of the economic scale who really do deserve that wake up call, but many, many more who do not.
This is one of the reasons I call myself a Freedomist and not a Conservative.