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houston independent school

Paul Gordon Collier- From KHOU 11 News comes a report of a community in Houston that is up in arms over a recent query by Federal Agents.  The Agents were assessing the  usefulness of an abandoned High School in the Houston Independent School District as a potential new home for the US-Government Labelled “Undocumented Youth”.   In this case, the youth are teens from Central America.

KHOU 11 News is reporting that the community is none too happy about this potential move by Federal Agents and community activists are galvanizing to stop the process before it begins.

From KHOU 11 News:

A number of residents in the northeast Houston neighborhood said the empty school is one of the many signs of a community that has been crumbling for some time.

They believe the government is treating their neighborhood like a dumping ground.

“Somebody needs to step up and take care of the kids that are already here. That’s my message. Take care of home first,” said Bernadette Lancelin, who says area kids have no place to play. “I don’t see them trying to put anything in River Oaks or the Heights.”

Progressive leader, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) is leading the charge to make the placement of “undocumented youth” a reality.  She has been in contact with the trustees of the abandoned school property, trying to iron out a deal between the trustees and the Federal government.