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By over 250 votes, with 17 Democrats joining them, the House has held Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt.

Shifting the subject from Holder’s outright refusal to produce the documents related to the Operation Fast and Furious cover-up, Democrats walked out in a priggish huff intimating that this is a “witch hunt” and that it’s about “racism”.

Holder is suspected of covering up details of an operation that had no arrests and that many suspect was a ploy to create a crisis on gun proliferation on the border so as to justify gun control. The operation did not track weapons or people and not one arrest, let alone conviction, was obtained.

Over 300 Mexicans lost their lives and thousands were injured by the hundreds of weapons that were bought by informants with US tax dollars and given to drug warlords.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by one of the drug gangs that had been given these illegal weapons.

William Raymond Collier