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Eric Holder may be blinking, but too late- With John Boehner coming out clearly in support of Congressman Issa’s call for a full House vote on contempt charges against the sitting Attorney General of the US, Eric Holder, the Obama camp may be sending Holder out to make this problem go away

In a move that can only be described as a dangerous game of chicken, the Obama Administration upped the ante on Fast and Furious and made itself the direct focus of the investigation, officially and unofficially, by attempting to block FandF records from coming to Issa’s committee.

Now that Barack Obama has made this calculation, all eyes are now fixed on Obama, and the blogosphere is alight with efforts to discover Obama’s connections to Fast and Furious, whereas before the main focus was only Eric Holder himself.  If Barack Obama thought the problem would go away, that Darryl Issa and the GOP would back down and accept his executive privilege claim, he was badly mistaken.

The Obama Administration would like this to simply go away, so they appear to be sending Eric Holder to the GOP to ‘compromise’ and give the GOP what it wants so that a vote on Holder’s contempt charge will not happen in the House.

If the GOP buckles and allows Holder a pass, it will lose support from Tea Party and other Conservative groups.  If the vote goes through and Holder is found in contempt, the whole battle gets ratcheted up exponentially, as the issue of ‘executive privilege’ will increasingly create real liability for this administration, going right to the top, to Barack Obama himself.

A Supreme Court intervention in October might be the end of the road for this widening scandal, and, possibly, for Barack Obama himself.

Paul Gordon Collier

GOP, Holder open to talks before contempt vote –