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William Raymond Collier Jr

The Democrats who say Obamacare frees people from working just to have health insurance actually have a point, their solution is the problem, however. But, once again, conservatives ignore that there really is a problem at all.

The real problem is that we have replaced health care with health control. Our health control is too expensive and it shouldn’t be, it defies the normal rules of a competitive free market that health care is too expense for almost everyone- normally the market creates goods and services, especially necessities, at a price people can affort. When a necessity costs more than most can afford there are forces other than the free market at work.

Until the late 20th century the latest health care available, in terms of known technology, was affordable for all but the poorest people. In the early 20th century fraternal societies played a lead role in providing aid and pooling resources to keep health care affordable. With government regulation and government paying for health care services instead of fraternal societies and cooperatives, things changed and we began to see the whole environment shift from care to control.

What we have is not health care, what we have is health control. The thing people need is not publicly funded health control insurance (Obamacare) but affordable health care services they can pay for themselves.

Affordable health care is absolutely in our reach, the most basic rule of economics is that in a perfectly competitive market necessities are always produced at an affordable rate. Clearly health control, which has replaced health care, is not affordable because it is bureaucrat driven and not market driven.