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Thief Robs Bricks From Allison Hill Community Ministry in Harrisburg PA

Thief Robs Bricks From Allison Hill Community Ministry in Harrisburg PA (15th and Derry). The reader who submitted the photos sent an email to Alicia Richardson of ABC 27 News in Harrisburg, who is said to be looking into the incident.


This man is taking bricks from the private property that is leased by the Derry Street church for a community garden to help the neighborhood.

The city tore down a building and was asked to leave a pile of bricks there for the Church to build with.   They piled up a very large pile with their machines and put it on the church property.

When this man pulled up our source told him the bricks belonged to the Church but he did not care.   He kept taking them and putting them on the flat bed connected to his truck.  When our source called the Church and took the phone over to the man, he continued to steal the bricks, ignoring our source and the phone.  Brother Bill came down from the Church and told him he was on private property but that did not sway him…

He kept loading his flatbed trailer behind his truck and hid his license plate.  Brother Bill call the police but they didn’t come for the Church.   he man told our source she did not know who she was messing with when she confronted him about stealing bricks from the church property.

We could be wrong but it seems strange the Harrisburg Police didn’t come for the Church…


Thief steals bricks from a Harriburg PA church

This man accused our source of “harassing” him and said they were “breaking the law” by photographing him. This kind of arrogant disregard for the law and decency should be punished!According to the source, who’s ID is being protected, the man almost dared her to stop him and, though the source called the police, there was no police response.

The pile of bricks was about 4 1/2 feet wide and 20 feet long but after the thief stole the church’s bricks, the pile was maybe a foot high and 5 feet long. The man CLAIMED that “the cops know me, they won’t come”  Is this true, do the Harrisburg Pa Police KNOW this man and are THEY protecting him?