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Breaking: GoldstandardNow goes live:

A new site has just been launched which could become the central hub for people, groups, and organizations that are committed to constitutional money: the gold standard.  The name of the site is, which has just gone live today.

This site will present authoritative information on the gold standard.  People can learn how the gold standard’s return is vital to our nation’s prosperity.  The Freedomist will be paying close attention to this site as it continues to provide the kind of information that could help our leaders see the benefits of returning to a constitutional dollar, the gold standard.

Mission Statement:

The Lehrman Institute‘s…..offers clear and authoritative information about the gold standard.  This will provide you with some background on those who are making this information available to the public and to economic policy makers.

Some of the key players:

Lewis E. Lehrman
Lewis E. Lehrman is the founder and chairman of The Lehrman Institute, a public policy foundation founded in 1972. The Lehrman Institute created The Lincoln Institute, which has promoted the study of America’s 16th president.

Lehrman has written widely on economic and monetary policy. He has co-authored the book Money and the Coming World Order (1976). He has written about economics in publications such as Harper’s, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Review, Crisis, and Policy Review. President Ronald Reagan appointed him to the Presidential Gold Commission in 1981. Along with Congressman Ron Paul, Lewis Lehrman collaborated on a minority report of the commission, which was published as The Case for Gold (1982). Lehrman published in seven volumes “The Collected Works of Jacques Rueff” (Plon, in French). Jacques Rueff, the great French monetary economist, established the monetary and economic plan of the Fifth French Republic, as President DeGaulle’s chief financial advisor. The primary purpose of the plan was to restore lasting convertibility to gold of the French franc…..

Ralph J. Benko
Ralph Benko, at the recommendation of then-Commissioner Lewis E. Lehrman, was called by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to testify before the United States Gold Commission in 1981 on the constitutional history of American monetary policy.  He published thereafter on that subject in the New York State Bar Association Banking, Corporation & Business Law Newsletter (lead article), the Dallas Morning News, and elsewhere, and has remained actively interested in all areas of economic growth policy.  He has written about the gold standard most recently at The Washington Examiner,, and

Ralph Benko is the author of The Websters’ Dictionary: how to use the Web to transform the world (The Websters’ Press, 2008) for which he won top honors, in 2010, after a worldwide vote, the Trophée du Choix des Internautes, from the Paris-based World eDemocracy Forum’s “Top Ten Who are Transforming the World of Internet and Politics.” He has served twice, at the invitation of Atlas Economic Research Foundation, as a judge of the Templeton Freedom Awards for Innovative Media.  Benko served the Susan B. Anthony List as network creator of  Under grant from the Searle Freedom Trust Benko presented best practices and technical guidance, and mentoring, to many public policy institutes……

The Freedomist has long been a proponent of a return to the gold standard:

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The Gold Standard- once the standard that all world currencies followed- is becoming attractive once again.

The Freedomist is anxious to see the return to the gold standard as our past articles have shown.  For those of you who also support the gold standard’s return, we encourage you to go to and sign up for the newsletter.  If you don’t know the issues or WHY we should return to the gold standard, go to and find out why it is important for the stability of the American economy to return to the gold standard.

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